100% Natural


…is based on Temple Park Farm, near Marlow. We use this as base for our UK operations.

We supply bees for pollination service

We are breeding queens and increasingly bees which are placed in the hive on 6 other farms in the Maidenhead, Marlow and Henley catchment. Bee Keeping or Farming is largely dependant on the weather and the flora in the area. The bees start the year using a little Pussy willow pollen and Grey Elder pollen to get started. The main flow in our area is OSR, which helps ramp up the number of bees in the hive for the rest of the season. This is followed by Norwegian Maple, Sycamore, Dandelion, Lime and Balsam. The hives are moved to Heather sources later.

English honey is unique mainly because of the diverse weather conditions. This means not all flowers produce copious amounts of nectar as the rain can wash away the bees energy source. However, unique tasting honey can be claimed from the hives due combinations of flowers which change from year to year!

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Please call us on +44 (0)7447 749 755 or email info@royalboroughhoney.com to arrange a time for you to collect from us.  It’s not practical for us to send honey by post, but for larger orders we may be able to deliver locally by arrangement.

100% Natural

Our honey is completely natural and untreated. It has not been pasteurised nor finely sieved. As a result it contains traces of pollen. It is often said that natural honey, unpasteurised and containing local pollens, is one of the best hay-fever remedies.

Our Aims

Produce local honey for local people

Produce good, sustainable, bees, benefiting beekeepers and ecology alike

Mentor and train beekeepers


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